Once you have developed a scheme for this year's Global Finals, the next step is to create the challenge rooms.

In general you want to create a set of TC and IC rooms that will keep an appraiser team busy for the duration of the tournament. Once the teams attending Global Finals has stabilized, you can take a look the table on Events=>schedule teams Track Schedule

This is a fairly small Global Finals (474 registered teams).  Many Global Finals have had 1000-1500 teams.  In this example the scheme chosen is about 2.5 days with 54 open slots (tc-18-2.4d that has 54 competition slots).

Team Challenge

Let's first think about Team Challenge (TC).  Our goal will be to have a challenge-level (ie challev such as D-EL teams seen by the same appraiser team.  For these teams to compete against one another, they need to have the same TC appraiser team and the same IC appraiser team.


If we look at Piece By Piece we have 3 challenge levels 

  • A-EL with 21 registered  teams
  • A-ML with 22 registered teams
  • A-SL with 17 registered teams
  • A-UL has no teams

That is 60 registered team, 6 over the limit for tc-18-2.4d that has 54 slots.  If we go with 2 rooms such as ML and SL in one (39 teams) and EL in the other (21 teams), we'd need 2 times the appraisers and neither team would be very busy.  It might be best in this case to see if we can add 6 additional open slots at the start or end of a days so we have 60 total slots and a single room will work.

Flip the Script looks like 3 rooms is the best choice:

  • C-EL is a room with 48 teams
  • C-ML is a room with 42 teams
  • C-SL, C-UL is a room with 36 teams

You need to do the same analysis for the other team challenges.  If the tournament is bigger, you may run into more teams in a single challev than can be handled by a single room.  In this case we need to split the room into 2.  As these rooms are being appraised by a different set of appraisers, they are no longer competing against one another.  We'll also need to see that the teams in one split are seen by the same IC appraiser team.

Instant Challenge

Instant Challenge will also have a scheme.  If we are doing a minimal contact schedule, the IC schedule will be much like the TC schedule but delayed a few slots (ie if your TC is on Mon at 10:24a, your IC will be a likely at 11:00a on the same day).  If you add a few slots as we suggested in Piece By Piece, you will need to enable the corresponding IC slots in the IC room.  There is also another issue we will need to deal with.  Typically and IC room is doing a single instant challenge that is age appropriate for the teams in the room.  This IC room contains multiple challevs so it might need to do multiple different instant challenges.

A multi-day scheme has TC and IC on different days.  In this case a team's instant challenge can be before or after its team challenge.  Since the schedules are not interlocked, we can combine combine A-EL and E-EL in the same room.  We could use an 18min schedule for TC and a 15min schedule for IC.  In this case we could pick an instant challenge for elementary A and E teams.  We will construct the rooms to be near capacity for each room thereby keeping the appraiser teams busy.