The Tournament State area gives a high level view of how far a tournament has progressed through the tournament steps.

You can see:

  • how many team are competing
  • how many appraisers have been entered
  • how many scores have been entered
  • how many teams have been advanced to the next level of competition
  • the current state of the tournament (see table below for an explanation of states)
  • the state of the tournament that controls whether certain operations are enabled
    The current state is controlled by the radio buttons. Each is described in the table below.



Mobile Client


Initial state when the tournament is being setup - includes creating the schedule of team performances and building appraiser teams

no access


When the tournament is open for scoring - see locking individual rooms for finer control

full access


Tournament is temporarily offline to Mobile Clients - this might be useful for suspending scoring overnight for a multi-day tournament.

no access


The tournament is over

no access

These tournament states are useful in a couple of ways:

  1. they let people know at a glance the state of the tournament.  This state is prominently displayed in the title on tournament pages.
  2. they are used to limit Mobile Client access to scoring and viewing scores.  These states do not affect access via the Resource Area.

The final feature of the Tournament State area is the Reset button.  Sometimes it is useful to rollback the work you have done on a tournament.  The Reset button lets you do this in an orderly fashion based on what information has been entered.  Here is how it works:

(note that hovering over the Reset button will tell you want it will do if clicked)

Count Info


teams advancing > 0

reset advancing teams

teams advancing = 0 &

scores entered > 0

reset scores

scores entered = 0 &

appraiser count > 0

reset appraisers

appraiser count = 0 &

team scheduled > 0

reset schedule