The Key Properties area lets you edit key properties of your tournament.  

Many of the properties simply give the name, kind, format, date and location of the tournament.  There are a few properties that are less obvious. 

  • Mobile Scoring
    Check if tournament will use Mobile Scoring 
  • Mobile Client Test Mode
    Normally appraisers can only use the Mobile Client when the Tournament is in the Open state.  Appraisers might like to play with the Mobile Client as a training exercise before the tournament is fully setup.  You can use this checkbox to turn enable the Mobile Client for testing purposes.  The expectation is that any scoring will be expunged before the tournament is actually opened.
  • Prep Pre-check Deadline
    Specifying a date before the tournament date enables Prep Pre-check.  If Prep Pre-check is enabled, teams can submit their online forms for review by the appraisers prior to the tournament.  A minute before the date chosen is the deadline for submission.