2022 is also introducing more options when scheduling teams at a tournament.  Starting in 2022 you can:

  • import your schedule from a .CSV file as you did in prior years
  • use the Resource Area's built-in scheduler

Using the .CSV approach, this file has a row for each team at your tournament.  Team are identified by their Team Number.  Columns indicate:

    • the Team Challenge Room where the team will perform their Team Challenge and the time
    • the Instant Challenge Room where the team will  perform their Instant Challenge and the time

You can create this .CSV file a number of ways that include the scheduler provided by Chuck Bowler.

The Resource Area's built-in scheduler gives you a series of steps that get to the same point as an imported schedule.

    • you can collect teams from your region or affiliate identifying the teams you expect to be at the tournament
    • the scheduler will analyze your teams and create a set of Team Challenge and Instant Challenge Rooms and then let you assign teams to these rooms
    • the auto scheduler will then schedule the teams in the rooms

Also added in 2022 are schedule requests that teams can make.  These requests include:

    • when the team arrives at the tournament and when the team needs to depart the tournament
    • team members (kids) that are competing on more than one team
    • team managers that are assisting more than one team (the RA figures this out on its own using the team manager information it tracks)
    • family and friends that are interested in seeing the performances of multiple teams

This information is collected for both scheduling approaches.  The auto scheduler takes it into account when scheduling.