Your entire tournament season is a prerequisite to certifying your affiliate winners.

There are a few steps that you should specifically take to make certifying winners easier:

  1. Let DIHQ know when your affiliate tournament is being held
    By doing so you let us know when we should expect your teams to start registering.  You do this in the Resource Area. After logging in using your AD account:
    1. Choose Affiliates => manage events
    2. if you see your affiliate tournament, you can edit its properties by clicking on the icon to make changes
    3. to add an affiliate tournament, click on Add Event and fill in the required fields.

  1. Review the complement of teams your affiliate can advance
    Each fall DIHQ releases the number of teams each affiliate can advance to Global Finals.  The number of teams is based on the number of team numbers sold the prior year in the affiliate.  Typically, each affiliate can advance 1-2 teams per challenge level and a certain number of wild-card teams.  Your affiliate tournament score room will want to know these numbers so they can set up the advancement rules used when printing out the tournament results for your Affiliate Tournament.

    The advancement rules for your affiliate are listed on the Affiliate Winners pane of Teams=>certify winners (example).

  2. Plan how you will collect the information needed to certify your teams.
    The amount of information you need to collect is much reduced over earlier years. In the past we have asked you to supply team manager information.  While you can add team managers if you want, you do this after identifying the teams you are advancing.

    You will need to know for each team advancing:
    1. team number
    2. team's challenge
    3. team's level

  3. Arrange for your affiliate tournament score room to create a certified winners import file
    While you can enter all this information through the Edit Winners pane, it is much quicker and more reliable to import much of this information using output from the DI Scoring Program.  To do this, let your scoring team know that you want an Export of the Advancing Teams.  This is a spreadsheet (.csv file) that you can load into this website to identify your teams (Import Winners).