Prep has a set of statuses that describe how far a team has progressed in the prep process.  The table below explains the statuses.


a team has has not submitted their forms yet


a team has submitted their forms


prep has reviewed a team's form but requests the team make some changes (only used with Prep Precheck)


prep has reviewed a team's forms and they are in-order (only used with Prep Precheck)


prep has accepted the team's forms - this allows the scoring appraisers to score the team


prep believes the team is no longer competing

How these status are used depends on prep process used by the tournament (more here).

If the tournament has a Prep Pre-check deadline:

  • the team advances the team from unsubmitted to submitted by submitting their forms prior to the deadline
  • prep can use resubmit to ask the team for changes
  • prep advances the forms to pre-checked if no changes are suggested
  • ready is NOT used until the day of the tournament when the final onsite prep is done

If the tournament is using no Prep Pre-check deadline or the team misses the deadline:

  • the team can still submit their forms but prep is unlikely to review them prior to their presentation
  • prep will advance the team to ready after final onsite prep is completed

The status dropped is used if the team does not show up for final prep the day of the tournament.