To make mobile scoring work at Global Finals, a bunch of different players will play various roles.


  • picked the appraisers for each challenge level (this is largely done but might need some last minute tweaking)
  • might wish to monitor the scoring of the tournament using the Resource Area


  • will assign appraisers the items they are scoring using the Resource Area
  • might want to monitor the scoring of the tournament using the Resource Area


  • will be responsible for monitoring mobile scoring
  • will be responsible for running the DI Scoring Program to:
    • setting up appraisers 
    • transfer scores entered into the mobile client to the scoring program
    • entering in any scores from score sheets (as all appraisers are willing to mobile score, we don't expect to do this)
    • prepping raw scores and stickies to be returned by the HA to the team

Let's start by pointing out where you will find data in DMS (the website that manages a good bit of DI's online info).  DMS has an Events side that is used for running Global Finals. It has purple menus and includes:

  • the schedule for Global Finals including changes (officials=>schedule)
  • awards (officials=>awards)
  • score sheets (officials=>score sheets)

Mobile scoring is being hosted in the Resource Area.  It has blue menus.  All the mobile scoring features are under the tournaments menu.  You can use your DI Login credentials for both.  You can move from Events to Resources using the menu in the upper right corner of the page.

We have setup mobile scoring at Global Finals as the Affiliate tournament for an affiliate called DIHQ.  When looking for the tournament, select the tournament Global Finals 2018 under the Affiliate DIHQ.  You will also see our test tournament here.

The Scoring Team will handle setting up the following in advance of the tournament:

  • adding the teams that will be competing
  • adding the appraisers in each of the challenge rooms

At our meeting with the HAs and ICMs on Monday (just after the HA meeting) we can set the initial assignments for each appraiser.  These can be adjusted as needed after this but before seeing the first team in case of any last minute changes.

We will work with the ATOs on Tues at 3pm on the enhancements to the Scoring Program for loading appraiser assignments and actual scores during the tournament.

You may all be interested in monitoring scores during the tournament.  This feature can be found at Tournaments=>mobile scoring in the Resource Area (blue menus).  As mentioned above, you first need to select the correct tournament (Tournaments=>dashboard).  You can get an idea of how this works by selecting the Global Finals Test tournament where your appraisers are practicing.

To monitor the scoring for your room:

  1. select the tournament (Tournaments=>dashboard)
  2. pick Tournaments=>mobile scoring
  3. pick the Teams by Room pane on the red menu
  4. select your room Challenge Room drop down

You should see a list of the teams your appraisers will be scoring.  Use the Day drop down to limit the teams to a specific day.  Here is a bit more detail on some of the columns in the table of teams:

  • detail: if you click on the people icon it will show more detail for a team (more in a bit)
  • the lock: the number of appraisers that have submitted their scores for this team
  • the green/yellow circle: the number of appraisers that have started scoring but not submitted
  • last-submit: how long ago the last submit was done (hours:mins)
  • green circular arrows: this will refresh the page 

Using the detail button for a team you will see the actual scores entered by the appraisers.  The heading line with the icons shows the status of each appraiser:

  • an empty circle: not started scoring yet
  • a green/yellow circle:  appraiser has started entering scores but not submitted
  • a lock: the appraiser has submitted scores 
  • the red forward/baclward icon is a button that will change the appraiser's submit status
    • if scores are submitted, this icon will unsubmit the scores so they can be changed by the appraiser
    • if scores are unsubmitted, this icon will attempt to submit the scores (an action best done by the appraiser)
  • green circular arrows: this will refresh the page

As we pointed out to the appraisers, mobile scoring is a pilot.  Thus it does not include all the features we'd like yet.  As a result we will still need to do some tasks more manually.


The system does not support deductions.  We will continue to use paper forms for deductions.

Scores needing explanations:

Subjective scores of zero require an explanation.  Typically it is because the scored item was not presented.  These explanations will need to be written on a paper score sheet so they can be recorded by the ATO in the scoring program.

Score Sheets in General:

Each team has a folder and a manila envelope.  The folder typically contains:

  • team raw scores
  • appraiser raw scores
  • sticky notes
  • copy of the TDF for reference

The manila envelope (aka the packet) will contain:

  • score room copy of the raw scores
  • any deduction form
  • appraiser score sheets
  • prep form

Appraisers have a full complement of score sheets.  We expect they will use them while watching and interviewing the team.  An appraiser may choose to place scores on the score sheet, however, the ATO or the Score Room will use the scores entered via the mobile devices and will not cross check them with scores on paper.

The first 3 teams:

Appraisers like to hold the first 3 teams to see if their rubric for scoring is working before the scores are submitted to the score room.  When paper score sheets are used ATO's typically enter all the appraisers scores, but don't send the packet to the score room until after the first 3 teams and the appraisers have had a chance to adjust their scores.

In mobile scoring, we'd like to make sure scores are flowing properly so we ask that the appraisers "submit" their scores after completing them for each team.  If there is a need to change scores after 3 teams, the ATO will unsubmit the scores for those appraisers wanting to make a change.  The first 3 packets will be sent to the score room after these adjusts are made.