The actual scoring of Global Finals is done by the DI Scoring Program.  The mobile client lets an appraiser enter scores, but it does not do any tabulation.

At Global Finals the DI Scoring Program is run in a number of places.

  • for team challenge
    • the ATO is running the scoring program at the challenge site (this is known as Data Entry #1)
    • the Central Score Room is running the scoring program for Data Entry #2 in the case of paper scoring
  • for instant challenge data entry all happens in the IC Score Room using the scoring program
  • the Central Score Room is merging IC and TC to tabulate the final results using the scoring program

For purposes of mobile scoring, the ATO at the challenge site will be gather the scores into the DI Scoring Program running at the challenge site.  With mobile scoring the ATO does not need to enter the scores as the DI Scoring Program has the ability to import them.  If the challenge site has both mobile scoring appraisers and paper scoring appraisers, the paper score will be entered by the ATO.