There are a number of steps in developing the Global Finals schedule.  Here are the steps where DMS is involved.

  1. setup the Global Finals tournament in DMS/Events
  2. project the number of teams that will compete at Global Finals and over which days
  3. develop a schedule scheme that meets the needs of your projections in #2
  4. create a set of challenge room based on the schedule scheme including:
    1. combining and splitting rooms as needed
    2. adjusting individual room slots
  5. enter schedule requests from registration as scheduler schedule requests
  6. pre-schedule to tournament (Misc Actions red tab; Pre-Schedule button)
    This will assign each team to a challenge room (but not a schedule slot)
  7. run the automated scheduler (this will find schedule slots for all the teams that honor scheduler requests)
  8. individually schedule any teams that remain
  9. publish the schedule and react to the feedback