Once general decisions about Global Finals have been made (more here), the schedule needs a scheme.

The general approach to choosing a scheme is to look to see if we have one from prior years that will work or perhaps act as the starting point for what you need.  You can view existing schemes as follows:

  1. pick Events=>schedule teams and click on the Initialize Schedule red tab
  2. the existing schemes are listed in the TC and IC Scheme dropdowns
  3. pick a scheme and click the Edit button to the right of the dropdown to see the details of the scheme

Scheme names are a clue as to their properties.  For example:  tc-18-3.3

  • tc states it is for team challenge
  • 18 states slots in the schedule are 18 minutes
  • 3.3 indicates it is designed for roughly 3.3 days of competition
  • if there is a letter at the end, the scheme is for minimal contact

There are 2 types of scheme:

  • minimal contact among teams
    These schemes have a team's IC follow the team's TC by a fixed amount of time (typically within an hour)
  • multi-day for a team
    These schemes have a team's IC on a different day from their TC

For more details on schemes and developing a new one, click here.