The IC Tracking States area lets you control the IC steps tracked at your tournament. For more on IC Tracking, click here.

If you enable a step, it will show up as a step when Tracking IC.  If you don't enable a step, it won't show up as part of Tracking IC.

The general idea is that:

  • Unknown indicates the team has not yet been seen For their IC
  • Checked-in indicates they have checked in for their IC
  • Holding indicates the team is in holding
  • In IC Room indicates the team in currently in an IC room
  • Chill-out indicates the team is currently in Chill-Out
  • Done indicates the team has checkout of IC

If none of the IC steps is checked, the Resource Area assumes your tournament is not using this feature.

While it might seem nice to use all the steps, consider the work of advancing all the teams through the steps you have chosen.  For a big tournament it might make sense to know a team is in Holding or Chill-out.  For smaller tournaments tracking at this level may not be necessary. For more on the best steps to use at your tournament, click here